Monday, 27 February 2017

HOLIDAY Ship and Castle Hotel in St Mawes Cornwall

We have just returned from a holiday in Cornwall
Dicky Fox has put a very good short video of St Mawes on Youtube taken from a Drone
You can see the Hotel on the video. It is the big white one overlooking the small boats in the Harbour 

Ship and Castle Hotel St Mawes Cornwall

Lovely Hotel Room. We would love to stay in this Hotel again

St Mawes Castle 10 minutes walk from the hotel. I love castles

We went to Port Isaac a small Cornish Harbour Town where they filmed Doc Martin

Doc Martins's Cottage
The Seagulls in Cornwall swoop down and steal food from your hands while you are eating it !
 I have added a Seagull project to my to do list 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Knitted Valentine Heart and Lazy Bunting

It has been a very stressful Valentine's Day.  Our Spaniel is at the Vets having another operation.  To unwind I knitted a quick Heart and blocked and steamed it flat.  I don't know what I am going to do with it ?   

 I have 6 different balls of red wool.  I cut off short lengths to remind me exactly which thicknesses I have

My Brother In Law gave us a Desk. I am using it as a Craft Table.  I made a Lazy New Sew Bunting for the wall behind it.  Lazy because I glued the Flags on !  

Friday, 10 February 2017

WIP Knitted cabled Owl

This is one of many projects I am working on.  I have had to block and steam him to make him flat.  This is something new to me.  He is a practice piece.  I will make him some eyes and .....

 try knitting him in different colours.  I took a photo to remind myself which colours I have.  Thank you Pamela Grossman for sharing this pattern. 
 A Baby Owl might be suitable for a small Pram Blanket now I know I will soon be a Granny

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mosaic Heart for Valentine's Day

What I have learnt from making a Mosaic Heart.  Any shape cut from a Mug has to be quite small to lay flat.  Mugs vary in thickness which is a problem for a flat Mosaic.  Bits of China fly off when cutting so you must wear Goggles.  Tiles slide when you are not looking so adjust them before the glue dries.  Tweezers are useful for placing small tiles and dipping them in glue.  Toothpicks are useful for positioning tiles.  Plastic gloves protect your hands but get in the way.  Time flies making a Mosaic !

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Knitting Needle Tips and Crochet Flowers

To keep Knitting Needles in pairs I keep them in short lengths of Drinking Straws. The black Straws are from Wetherspoons. The wider white ones are from Mcdonalds

Wooden Beads are handy for stopping your Knitting sliding off of your metal Knitting Needles. Not suitable for Bamboo Needles as it would dent the needle ends

Wine Bottle Corks are also useful for keeping your Knitting in place

I am still trying to learn to Crochet. The yellow centres will hopefully be Daisies when I get round to watching a few more Crochet Videos on Youtube. I knitted the white flower

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Crochet practice. Little Lion and Rainbow Granny Square Crochet

As a Beginner what did I learn from making my Crocheted Little Lion Head ?

If it doesn't look right unravel the stitch and start again !  I had to do this about 20 times !

Patience.  Don't rush.  When I started rushing it all went wrong. Slow down or stop for a break

I found that working with an even tension wasn't easy

The back of the Lion looked very different from the front

Finding the end of each circle was difficult. I will use Stitch markers next time

I need to practice making Crochet Circles

As a Beginner what did I learn making my second Granny Square ?

The tail of the wool gets in the way.  I must remember to weave it into the chain circle to hide it before I make my first stitch

Oh dear ...which Hook was I using ?  I will remember which Hook works best for the yarn by putting some tape around the end of the best Hook next time

Those pesky ends are a pain.  Start a new colour where the ends will be covered with stitches

With Valentine's Day coming up soon I wonder what I will learn next from making Crochet Hearts !

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tissue Box Scarf Question answered for Jane

Jane from Lost in Ideas asked me about the strength of the Tissue Box Loom in my previous post
I also didn't think a tissue Box would be strong enough so this is how I made my Tissue Box thicker

Draw some lines on the bottom of the Tissue Box and cut them

 Fold down the edges towards the inside of the box

Snip the top edge at regular intervals

Fold down top edge to make the top edge like a Castle. Secure folds to keep them down with Sellotape.  Now ready to use
An extra tip.  Draw an arrow on the box showing the direction you are working
 You can then start again easily if you have to stop 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

New challenge for 2017 Learning to Crochet

I have always wanted to be able to Crochet
 I have spent hours watching Youtube videos and reading Crochet Books. Everyone said Crochet was easier than knitting but I just could not do it

I went to a Crochet Workshop this week and took two hours to make my first ever Granny Square

Two attempts at making circles. They are not right but I can now see where I have gone wrong 

Trying to make a Magic Foundation Loop was driving me crazy. I have now worked out how to make one

Reminder for myself. I make a slip knot by hand holding the end of the wool in my RIGHT HAND not my left as I usually do
So far I am enjoying my new challenge. I think it is good for my brain to learn something new

Friday, 6 January 2017

Santa Puppy kissing his Mum goodbye

Santa Pup is going to his forever home today. He has kissed his Mum goodbye 

His Mum is expecting four more puppies soon. I know this as I only have four more facecloths !
 I must order some more to make the next litter of puppies

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Kevin the Carrot's girlfriend Katy

I have just made a girlfriend for Kevin the Carrot. She is called Katy Carrot
For my visitors from overseas this is the story of Kevin the Carrot in the UK
There are lots of videos about him on Youtube