Tuesday, 20 June 2017

CROCHET How much wool do I need ?

I have been practicing making Granny Squares after a few failures
After a lot of thought I decided to measure how much wool I needed to Crochet each round
I was using Double Knitting Wool and a 5.5 mm Hook

ROUND ONE  I measured the Wool and marked 20 inches with a  Clip. When I reached the Clip I moved it on another 20 inches. I was surprised to find that I used 66 inches of Wool for Round One

ROUND TWO  Used 110 inches of Wool
ROUND THREE  Used 154 inches of Wool

ROUND FOUR  Used 200 inches of Wool

ROUND FIVE  Used 250 inches of Wool
This has been an interesting experiment. Every new Round used about another 50 inches of Wool
Now I can use up my spare oddments of Wool without worrying about if I have enough to finish each round. Yippee !
Different Tension, Wool and Hook Size will be different for everyone It is worth doing this if you have oddments of wool to use up.  I hope this post is useful to someone in the world 

Friday, 16 June 2017


Bees love my poppies. Can you spot two Bees in my photo ?
I want to make a Stumpwork Bee 

Some Vegetables are doing well on our Patio

I am trying Alderman Peas this year after watching Sarah Raven growing them on Youtube. 

Our Carrots are ok so far high up on top of a Waterbutt 

And hanging in an Apple Tree ! I hope the Carrot Flies won't find them this year 

We found evidence of a Hedgehog Nest underneath our Shed Floor
I don't know where our three Hedgehogs are this year
At the moment we only have Lettuces and Radishes ready to eat
Hopefully by my Review in July we will have more ready to eat
I must go and do some watering now.....

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Embroidered Stumpwork Cockerel Weald and Downland Museum

I had a lovely day today making this Embroidered and Beaded Stumpwork Cockerel.  Caroline Vincent holds Workshops at the Weald and Downland Living Museum in Sussex
 I learned a lot of new techniques. There were six of us attending. Our Cockerels all looked different

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Burp and Dribble Cloths made by Granny Nanny or Grandma ?

My Grandson has been born after a very traumatic birth.....phew !
There are lots of Burp Cloths Tutorials on Youtube
I have now made five. They are very easy to make
The cloths are just placed over the parent's shoulder to catch any dribbles, sick etc while burping a Baby
Choose fabric that is absorbent, soft, quick drying, and prewash it 
Coloured fabric gives the baby something interesting to look at
My Son asked me what I would like to be called Granny, Grandma or Nanny .......

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Quick Cheerio Garden Bird Feeder

At work this morning a Lady I look after spilled some Cheerios
 I asked another Resident if he could thread them onto some wool
We hung our Cheerio Bird Feeder in a tree in the garden
I am working again tomorrow. I will see if the Birds have found it

Friday, 26 May 2017

Frogs Knitted Horse Dog Cat Needlecase

This little chap is very confused as he doesn't know what he is !
I was knitting a Horse but he looks more like a Dog !
Should I give him floppy long ears or pointed ears ? Long tail or short tail ?  Or a mane if he is a Horse ?  Oh dear 

Our Frogs are busy catching flies !  Sadly most of the Slugs in our Garden are too big for them to eat. I put a small Slug about an inch in front a Frog's nose and it just looked at it and hopped away

The Slugs are eating so much that we have moved a lot of our seedlings onto our Patio

We have a shelf to keep some pots off of the ground
I found ten Slugs in my pot of Carrots. We now hang the pots of Carrots in our Trees

I made this Needlecase for my Sister
 She has a black and white cat and likes sewing

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tutorial Home made Tent Cloche to keep out Cats

We have had a sheet of Polycarbonate cluttering up the garden for years. Today I made it into a Tent Cloche to stop our four cats digging up my Vegetable seedlings. I looked up Cloche Clips on the Internet and found that they are expensive so I improvised

Cut the Polycarbonate Sheet to size with a handsaw

   Bamboo Sticks crossed over and tied together. Push the ends into the soil until they feel secure 

   Lay the Polycarbonate sheet over the Sticks making a Tent
   Adjust the ties on the sticks to fit the width of the Polycarbonate
 Place 2 more Sticks on the outside of the tent.
 Secure the outside Sticks to the inside sticks. We had some plastic rings from our Pond Pump to slip over the Canes. A rubber Band or string would do. The tie should be easy to undo but secure

Cover the end of the Cloche with Polycarbonate to keep Cats out.  Push 2 more Sticks over the end piece to keep it in place. To water the inside there are two options.  Remove 2 sticks from one side and lift off the sheet or slide out one sheet after removing the end 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Baking Man Bread today

It is wet and cold here in Sussex. The perfect day for baking Man Bread as having the oven on has warmed up our home

I had never measured ingredients in cups before. There was only one bowl to wash up. Our Son has just tasted the bread and likes it so this will be a family favourite

I brushed the Loaf Tin with Coconut Oil to stop it sticking

I put the dough in our Airing Cupboard to rise.  I had to tie up the door to stop Izzy getting in there for her afternoon nap. I would definately make Man Bread again.
 The Recipe is on the Internet

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Knitted Baby Blanket finished for Grandchild

It has taken me a long time to knit this Baby Blanket !
It is for my our first Grandchild due in May
 We are looking forward to meeting him
I am sewing some other items for him

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mud Kitchen and Goths on holiday in Whitby

We visited The Yorkshire Moors National Park Visitor Centre at Danby. They have a wonderful Mud Kitchen for children outside

This is the first Mud Kitchen I have ever seen 

 Whitby in Yorkshire

The Royal Hotel we stayed in is the long white building on the cliff
When we left Whitby on Friday there were thousands of Goths arriving. A Goth Weekend Music Festival is held in Whitby twice a year. It is one of the biggest Goth events in the world