Sunday, 30 July 2017

Whitehouse Farm Old Barn Art Update 2 July 2017

It is so sad to see the old Barn at Whitehouse Farm falling apart. Some of the Art has been wrecked or painted over. To be more positive there are some new Paintings

New paintings  July 2017



Three singing heads when you look closely

Funny Owl

  I will miss seeing new Paintings when the Barn is knocked down for a new housing estate

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

KNITTING Look who has been eating my Runner Beans !

Is he a Caterpillar ? A Snake ? A Worm ? Whatever he is he loves my Runner Beans !
I found the Pattern for him on Ravelry. He was designed by Frankie Brown. I found a new knitting stitch making him called WRAP AND TURN. Thank you Frankie
I have given him away so I must knit another one

Saturday, 15 July 2017

TUTORIAL How I made a Trollen Wheel and Braiding

The lady at Bodiam Castle was using a wooden Trollen Wheel
 She said the Saxons also made them from Leather

 All I could find was a Shoe Insole which was a bit like leather !
I drew a Circle with a Compass then drew a line through the middle
My School Protractor came in handy to mark 45 degree angles making eight segments in the circle
Then I drew a V at the end of each line

After cutting out the Wheel I made a hole in the middle and enlarged it with a Knitting Needle

My Trollen Wheel finished and ready to use
Double Knitting Wool made a thin Braid

Using two strands of double Knitting Wool made a thicker Braid
I will try adding Beads next time

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Trollen Wheel Braiding Bodiam Castle Steam Train

 We visited Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. It is owned by The National Trust and surrounded by a Moat full of enormous Fish
I could write a lot about it but there are full details on the National Trust Website including Opening Times and Admission Charges 

The highlight of the day for me was finding this lady Braiding. She was using a Trollen Wheel and a Lucet. I have a Lucet but I had never heard of a Trollen Wheel before !
 I googled Trollen Wheel when I got home and found a wonderful Tutorial on Angela Barrow's Website
 I must try making a Trollen Wheel to try this technique
There is a Steam Railway just a few minutes walk from the Castle
We had Lunch on the Train on the journey to Tenterton
It was hard to take any photos with so many people on the Station 
There is a lot of Tourist Information on the Kent and East Sussex Railway Website with a Railway timetable

Friday, 7 July 2017


We haven't had to buy any Salad  for a while. Eating Radishes, Rocket, Spring Onions Pak Choi, Mangetout, Carrots and lots of different Lettuces

I will definately be growing Alderman Peas again. I look at them when the Sun is behind them to see how big the Peas are. Some of them are nearly filling their Pods. I am enjoying just looking at them for now

Blueberries  Blackcurrants  Whitecurrants  Redcurrants. 
Gooseberries have finished already. Our Strawberries and Raspberries are all eaten before they reach the Kitchen !
Cucumbers and Runner Beans are flowering
I have found a good Video of a better way to grow Spring Onions

19 male Courgette flowers so no Courgettes yet. Hopefully we will have some female flowers soon or we won't have any Courgettes !

I planted a soft shop bought Onion which has been happily growing two Flower Stalks. I am kicking myself today as I caught the hose on it watering the Beetroot. It broke off ! grrrrr....

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lucky Four leaf Clover happy Piglet

 I pick Clover for our Neighbour's Chickens when we walk our Spaniel in the fields

 Today I found a Four Leaf Clover which is meant to be lucky...yippee !
I have heard the expression " As happy as a pig in Clover " so here is my knitted Piglet in the Clover before I gave it to the Chickens
I would like to keep my lucky Four Leaf Clover.  I have pressed Flowers in the past but they go brown 
 I wonder if there is any way I can preserve it's colour ? 
Find the pattern for my tiny piglet here

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Newborn Knitted Dennis Piglet brother of Chichester

I have just knitted Dennis a tiny baby Piglet while I was watching Dragon's Den...nis
If you want to make his Brother Chichester the pattern for him is on the blog below
He is so tiny at about 5 cms long and was born quite quickly

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Clever Poppy Seed Pods and Sweet Peas

My Poppies have attracted a lot of Bees.  I will sow my Poppy Seeds in my Vegetable Patch next year. I have been checking to see if the Seeds are ready every day

When the Seeds are ready a row of little holes appear under the cap at the top of the Seed Pod.  If you enlarge the photo you can see the row of holes. A gust of wind and the seeds are scattered like Pepper from a Pepper Pot from the little holes. What a clever Plant !

I picked a small bunch off Sweet Peas from the garden today. They smell lovely

Our Cats have come in because it is raining. The garden desperately needs rain !  
Marion x

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

CROCHET Working out how much wool I needed

I have been practicing making Granny Squares after a few failures
After a lot of thought I decided to measure how much wool I needed to Crochet each round
I was using Double Knitting Wool and a 5.5 mm Hook

ROUND ONE  I measured the Wool and marked 20 inches with a  Clip. When I reached the Clip I moved it on another 20 inches. I was surprised to find that I used 66 inches of Wool for Round One

ROUND TWO  Used 110 inches of Wool
ROUND THREE  Used 154 inches of Wool

ROUND FOUR  Used 200 inches of Wool

ROUND FIVE  Used 250 inches of Wool
This has been an interesting experiment. Every new Round used about another 50 inches of Wool
Now I can use up my spare oddments of Wool without worrying about if I have enough to finish each round. Yippee !
Different Tension, Wool and Hook Size will be different for everyone It is worth doing this if you have oddments of wool to use up.  I hope this post is useful to someone in the world