Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Whitehouse Farm What is in this tatty old Farm Building ?

We came across this tatty old Farm Building at Whitehouse Farm and look what we found inside 

I looked at this Painting lots of times before I noticed that there are two Dogs in it

I think I understand the message the Artist is passing on in the Pig Painting

Not sure what he or she had in mind here !

A Tree of Life ready for names to be added ?

 I wonder who painted them and why in this old Barn ?  The birds are my favourite. It's a mystery.


  1. Looks like a practice centre. It's always a shame to see agricultural buildings abandoned, there's usually a sad story behind it. I don't know how near you are to Brighton, but if you're a fan of 'street art', there's some very good stuff in the North Laine area.

    1. We will pop down to Brighton sometime soon Cro. I hope they don't knock down the Barn now it is so tatty as the Art will be lost.

  2. Wow what a fun way to find art.

    Hugs diane

    1. I was very surprised Diane. I wonder what I will find next time