Sunday, 23 April 2017

GARDEN REVIEW APRIL 2017 Greenhouse full

It is still cold at night here in Sussex so I have started sowing seeds in our Greenhouse. This is all that has come up so far 
Radish were up in a few days
Spring Onions  
Sweet Peas
Carrots Flyaway
Sown not up yet 
Runner Beans. I am growing Firestorm and Snowstorm, two self fertile varieties this year. Last year we had flowers galore but very few Bees to pollinate them 
Catmint for our four Cats 
Outside in the Kitchen Garden
Poached Egg Flowers. last year's are about to flower. They attract Hoverflies and Bees
In Cold Frames. Alderman Peas are up. Runner Beans sown
Our Fruit Bushes are all doing well. Strawberries have flowers on them. So far so good !


  1. Hopefully, all the frost forecast will be short lived or miss us altogether!

    1. I hope it warms up soon so our grass seed grows. Hubby said he will lay plastic grass if it doesn't which I don't want !

  2. You've definitely been a very busy bee! Enjoy your upcoming harvest!