Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mud Kitchen and Goths on holiday in Whitby

We visited The Yorkshire Moors National Park Visitor Centre at Danby. They have a wonderful Mud Kitchen for children outside

This is the first Mud Kitchen I have ever seen 

 Whitby in Yorkshire

The Royal Hotel we stayed in is the long white building on the cliff
When we left Whitby on Friday there were thousands of Goths arriving. A Goth Weekend Music Festival is held in Whitby twice a year. It is one of the biggest Goth events in the world


  1. sounds like a lovely time you had I live in Yorkshire but have never been to either of these places!

    1. If you google images of Whitby you will want to visit it Margaret. There are cobbled streets over the bridge with unique little shops. There is a lovely relaxing atmosphere and it is very dog friendly. there is a Craft Shop too