Monday, 1 May 2017

Baking Man Bread today

It is wet and cold here in Sussex. The perfect day for baking Man Bread as having the oven on has warmed up our home

I had never measured ingredients in cups before. There was only one bowl to wash up. Our Son has just tasted the bread and likes it so this will be a family favourite

I brushed the Loaf Tin with Coconut Oil to stop it sticking

I put the dough in our Airing Cupboard to rise.  I had to tie up the door to stop Izzy getting in there for her afternoon nap. I would definately make Man Bread again.
 The Recipe is on the Internet


  1. Looks yummy, thanks for posting about it! Already added to my recipe board on pinterest.

  2. very mouthwatering. Makes a change for the south of England to have worse weather than up here in the north where it was sunny though a cold wind!

  3. Thank you for your comments girls. It is a lovely bread so I just had to write about it. We usually make bread in a Breadmaker. This bread is quicker to make and doesn't dry out so quickly. Marion x