Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tutorial Home made Tent Cloche to keep out Cats

We have had a sheet of Polycarbonate cluttering up the garden for years. Today I made it into a Tent Cloche to stop our four cats digging up my Vegetable seedlings. I looked up Cloche Clips on the Internet and found that they are expensive so I improvised

Cut the Polycarbonate Sheet to size with a handsaw

   Bamboo Sticks crossed over and tied together. Push the ends into the soil until they feel secure 

   Lay the Polycarbonate sheet over the Sticks making a Tent
   Adjust the ties on the sticks to fit the width of the Polycarbonate
 Place 2 more Sticks on the outside of the tent.
 Secure the outside Sticks to the inside sticks. We had some plastic rings from our Pond Pump to slip over the Canes. A rubber Band or string would do. The tie should be easy to undo but secure

Cover the end of the Cloche with Polycarbonate to keep Cats out.  Push 2 more Sticks over the end piece to keep it in place. To water the inside there are two options.  Remove 2 sticks from one side and lift off the sheet or slide out one sheet after removing the end 


  1. that should work well and maybe the seedlings will grow quicker as it might be warmer under the cloche.

    1. I hope so Margaret. If only Pigeons were afraid of our Cats. Pigeons eat a lot of our produce

  2. That's a good idea. Almost like a mini greenhouse too to get your seeds started :)

    1. My Runner Beans should be safe in there until it is time to plant them out. My Greenhouse is full so it will be useful. Thanks Janine for commenting :-)